Eight times the difference of y and nine


Answer 1

Eight times the difference of y and nine will be 8(y - 9).

It should be noted that eight times the difference of y and nine simply means that one has to subtract 9 from y and then multiply the difference by 8.

Therefore, eight times the difference of y and nine will be 8(y - 9).

In conclusion, the correct option is 8(y - 9).

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Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

you first solve 8-9, and then multiply is by 8.

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Karen earns $54.60 for working 6 hours.

Amount she earns varies directly with the  number of hours she works.

She need to work to earn an  additional $260.

To find:

Number of hours she need to work to earn an  additional $260.


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According to question,

A\propto t

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Karen earns $54.60 for working 6 hours.


Divide both sides by 6.



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Substitute A=260 in the above equation.


Divide both sides by 9.1.



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please help lol




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what’s the rest of the question...?