There are 420 students . The ratio from girls to boys is 4- 3 . How many more girls?


Answer 1
Answer: There are 60 more girls
Answer 2

Final answer:

There are 420 students divided into 7 parts due to the ratio of girls to boys being 4:3. With one part totaling 60 students, there are 240 girls and 180 boys. Thus, there are 60 more girls than boys.


To solve this problem, you need to understand the concept of ratios. In this case, the ratio of girls to boys is 4:3. This means that for every 4 girls, there are 3 boys. If we add the two parts of the ratio together, we get 7 parts. This means that the total number of students, which is 420, is to be divided into 7 parts.

So, one part of this ratio is equal to 420 divided by 7, which equals 60 students. Since the ratio claims there are 4 parts of girls and 3 parts of boys, to find out the numbers of girls and boys, we multiply each part of the ratio by 60. Hence, the total number of girls is 4 multiplied by 60, which equals 240 and the number of boys is 3 multiplied by 60, which equals 180.

Therefore, the difference in number between girls and boys is 240 minus 180, which equals 60. So there are 60 more girls than boys.

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