Which words in the sentence are the adverb clause? Although my grandmother works, she calls us every week to ask about our lives. A. she calls us B. every week to ask about our lives C. although my grandmother works D. about our lives


Answer 1
Answer: its i think B... adverb would be the time or place or circumstances... 

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An adjectival clause always includes a/an A. conjunction. B. direct object. C. relative pronoun. D. infinitive verb. ?
The HobbitChapter 12 1. Describe Smaug. 2. What does Bilbo take from Smaug? 3.How does Bilbo manipulate Smaug? 4.What is Smayg's weakness?
Growing up leads to a discovery of one's true self.Which tone would best advance the theme?ironicpessimisticnostalgicbitter
Why is Mary crying when she is sick?a. She is tired. b. She wants her Ma. c. She wants water. d. She feels guilty.

Which individual was responsible for sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott?


The individual responsible for the Montgomery bus boycott is Rosa Parks because when she got arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man that's when she refused to ride the bus anymore and that caused the whole Montgomery Bus Boycott.

What is the first thing a student must do when preparing a speech? evaluate the material make an outline prepare numbered note cards research the topic


the answer would be to first research the topic then make an outline, then make numbered note cards, then finally evaluate the material.

First research the topic to brainstorm ideas for your speech.

Xavier said that his English class would be reading a long play called _____. The Crucible “The Crucible” The Crucible “The Crucible”


Xavier said that his English class would be reading a long play called "The Crucible"

What is a Book Title?

This refers to the name that is given to a book or literary text to show the possible contents to a reader.

Hence, we can see that the correct way of writing the name of the book that was being discussed in the English class of Xavier would be option B which is "The Crucible"

Read more about the titles of books here:




"The Crucible"


I have never beaten my grandfather at chest.-----
A. present
B. present participle
C. past
D. past participle


C.) past 

because you use the word beaten and never which means its past.
(I think you mean chess not chest)
Past participle, because of the word beaten which is passed tense for beat

A long monologue in which the actor is alone on stage is know as


The answer is soliloquy.

solo is the answer i believe 

How is a satire different from a fable?


 A satire is a form of writing that criticizes a person, group, or society USING indirect (often disguised) methods.  WHILE  a fable is a brief story that is designed to illustrate a moral or general truth about human nature. ( often done by using animals as characters in the story )


the lessons in a fable are stated directly, while the main argument of a satire is often disguised.


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How does Tolstoy set up Gerasim to be a foil to Praskovya Fedorovna in these two excerpts from The Death of Ivan Ilyich?Gerasim alone did not lie; everything showed that he alone understood the facts of the case and did not consider it necessary to disguise them, but simply felt sorry for his emaciated and enfeebled master. Once when Ivan Ilyich was sending him away he even said straight out: "We shall all of us die, so why should I grudge a little trouble?"—expressing the fact that he did not think his work burdensome, because he was doing it for a dying man and hoped someone would do the same for him when his time came. . . . When the examination was over the doctor looked at his watch, and then Praskovya Fedorovna announced to Ivan Ilyich that it was of course as he pleased, but she had sent today for a celebrated specialist who would examine him and have a consultation with Michael Danilovich (their regular doctor). "Please don't raise any objections. I am doing this for my own sake," she said ironically, letting it be felt that she was doing it all for his sake and only said this to leave him no right to refuse. He remained silent, knitting his brows. He felt that he was surrounded and involved in a mesh of falsity that it was hard to unravel anything. a)Both Gerasim and Praskovya Fedorovna are honest about their motives, but only Gerasim genuinely cares for Ivan Ilyich. b)While Gerasim is kind to Ivan Ilyich and offers him all the help he can, Praskovya Fedorovna is cruel to Ivan and torments him. c)Gerasim attends to Ivan Ilyich’s needs and gives him all his medicines, while Praskovya Fedorovna does not care and neglects his health. d)Both Gerasim and Praskovya Fedorovna want Ivan to beat his disease and survive, but only Gerasim cares about Ivan Ilyich’s happiness.