Find the best word to complete the sentence. 1. ___ determines Arthur's success at pulling the sword, Excalibur, from its stone. A. Antecedent B. Precept C. Predestination D. Premonition


Answer 1
Answer: B , hopefully my answer was helpful and right ?

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How does Bradstreet use figurative language throughout "To My Dear Loving Husband" to develop the theme?a. Her comparisons emphasize the importance of love.b. Her comparisons emphasize the reason for love.c. Her comparisons emphasize her husband's goodness.d. Her comparisons emphasize her undying love for her husband.
The present-day republican party is descended from the-----------party.
Which sentence does not contain any punctuation errors? A. Waiting for my friends, I think that I arrived too early. B. Waiting for my friends I think, that I arrived too early. C. Waiting for my friends I think that I arrived too early. D. Waiting, for my friends, I think that I arrived too early.
#1: In the psychoanalytic approach, Eros is to__________________drive as_________________is to the death drive. A.fixation; thanatos B.violence; schema C.unconscious drives; thanatos; thanatos #2: Cleo wanted to extend her curfew and her parents said no. She was angry and upset and went up to her bedroom and kicked her large stuffed dog. Cleo is using which of the defense mechanisms? A.displacement B.rationalization C.repression D.projection #3: Piaget is to cognitive development as Erikson is to____________________development. A.emotional B.physical C.moral #4: If you went to take your psychology test and were given a math test, what is the problem with the test? A.reliability B.validity C.standardization D.norming #5: Eight year old Herbie does not want to go to school. He is in the lowest reading group, has to go to the third grade for math and is the last one picked for teams on the playground. According to Erik Erikson what danger might take over Herbie? A.guilt B.mistrust C.shame D.inferiority
What unexpected event occurs when Frankenstein lands ashore after dumpingthe body of the female monster?O A. Henry's father meets him with shocking news from Elizabeth.O B. The female monsters body parts wash up on shore.O C. He is accused of Henry Clerval's murder.O D. The monster is waiting at the shore for him.

Match the definition to the word.1. the turning point of a play or novel

2. plays in which the hero (or protagonist) overcomes the forces opposing him

3. a character that changes in the course of the play

4. the actual story of a play or novel told through a series of events, or incidents

5. the scene of a play or the place where the action takes place

6. information printed in italics and enclosed within the text of a play in parentheses
Word Bank
Dynamic character
Stage Directions


1.Climax 2.Comedy 3.Dynamic character 4.Plot 5.Setting 6.Stage Direction
im confused with comedy but oh well 


1. climax

2.    comedy

3.   dynamic character

4.   plot

5.   setting

6.   stage directions

Which is the best meaning of the phrase "she’ll not be hit with Cupid’s arrow”?



She does not want to fall in love with anyone.


The phrase 'to be hit with Cupid's arrow' is based on classical mythology. Cupid is the son of Venus and Mercury and he is associated with love and desire. He carries arrows with which he shoots his victims. When a person is hit by an arrow, the person immediately falls in love. Therefore, as the quote states that she will not be hit with an arrow, the suggestion is that she will not fall in love with anyone.

SOS!!! What is 3 arguments to why the KKK kept African Americans from achieving Civil rights sooner. ( I have violence, and the number of people formed a big biased against them, I desperately need one more argument, it is due tomorrow) Thank You so much!


They also kept African Americans from voting and trying to get a better education. When you take away the feeling of importance, as well as knowledge, it creates a powerless people.
1 argument is they were extremely racist, therefore they hated people of color . 2 argument is they thought they were superior to african americans, and they couldn't be superior if african americans were getting equal treatment as them. 3 argument is they were just hateful and bigoted people, kind of like murders. They wanted to continue to see black people suffer, and they felt threatened as they started to fight for their rights. I hope this really was helpful.

Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier? A.
The faces of some fans were also brightly painted.

The Morenos saw fans in clothes with the team's bright colors.

Mr. and Mrs. Moreno were amazed by the crowd's excitement.

In support of the team, the Morenos saw fans with posters.


The sentence that contains a misplaced modifier is D) In support of the team, the Morenos saw fans with posters. In support of the team is misplaced, because the way it is written now, it means that it refers to the Morenos, when in fact it refers to the fans with posters.
The correct sentence would be:
The Morenos saw fans with posters in support of the team. 

Which is a run-on sentence?a. Keys are made for each lock, yet many keys look the same.
b. Apples are generally red, but there are some golden varieties.
c. Sailboats use wind power, but many sailboats also have a motor.
d. Flamingos are usually pink one variety is bright red.


The answer is D because it has 2 sentences but it does not have a conjunction( to combine the 2 sentences)

What is participial phrase. Running up the stairs he glanced apprenhensively behind him


The participial phrase would be "Running up the stairs".