What should be the guiding factor for a designer when using colors in a garment?


Answer 1
Answer: You could use a colour wheel to make sure the colours suit one another. 
You could ask for opinions.
You could make the patterns and their matching colours originally.

What I would do personally would be to find a colour wheel and choose colours for a shirt/skirt/etc depending on what design the garment was and the shape and size. For example, if it were a mini skirt, I would more than likely choose a solid colour. If it were a longer skirt with - say - polka dots, I would choose two colours that compliment one another like blue and orange, or green and red.
Answer 2
Answer: That you patters don't clash or your fabrics make sur it somthing original

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A is incorrect because there may be many interpretations, not just one. B is incorrect because this critical analysis is actually made based on your personal opinions and thoughts. D is incorrect because a critical analysis is written about another person's work -you don't usually evaluate your own writing or work of art.


It involves responding to, interpreting, and evaluating specific works of art.


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