Why dose yellow river have that nick name?


Answer 1
Answer: Because it leaves behind a yellowish soil when the flood waters recede.
Answer 2
Answer: it leaves a yellow goowey stuff

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The trachea connects to the pharynx. True or False (SCIENCE)
Explain the death of God.
Question 9(Multiple choice Worth 3 points)Which of Europe's Enlightenment philosophers wrote about natural rights?O John LockeO Baron de MontesquieuO George WashingtonO Thomas Hobbes
Why did Christianity took over in early Rome?
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Which of the following was a major reason that italy was the birthplace of the renaissance a. city states in italy were the centers of trade and commerce
b. Italian scholars had preserved much of the learning of ancient rome
c. many of the great writers of the renaissance were italian
d. feudalism had been stronger in italy than in other parts of europe


The correct option is A.

Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?

The Renaissance began in the Italian city-states because they had the wealth from the commerce and trade of the Middle Ages. For some time, Venice had outfitted the crusaders and was the conduit for the silk and spice trade from India and China.

Why was the Renaissance's first origin in Italy?

The Renaissance began in Italy because Italy Was the Birthplace of Antiquity. The Renaissance began in Italy, the birthplace of the Roman Empire. Following the fall of the empire in the 4th century, and the subsequent darkages, the incredible art, and ideas of Roman times were temporarily lost.

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I would say it is a because it was the kinda big trade center during renaissance

For the following dictators tell which country this happened in, what year, how each gained and kept complete control of their countries, and finally, how they compare to Napoleon's Coup in 1799: Francisco Franco, Fidel Castro, Muammar al Qaddafi, idi Amin, Augusto Pinochet



adolf hitler is a bad dictator

Explanation: he killed alotta jews my guy

How do evaporation and boiling differ?


Evaporation occurs when atoms/molecules leave the surface of a liquid. 
Boiling occurs when this evaporation takes place in the body of the liquid.

evaporation- the surface of the liquid is heated slowly and eventually becomes a gas

boiling- the entire liquid is heated and the entire liquid becomes a gas

Can someone please help me ?



Mental Health Issues


Mental health issues

What effect did the Embargo Act have on the American economy?A) It almost destroyed the American economy.

B) It had little effect on the American economy.

C) The American economy did very well.

D) The American economy was not affected.


The effect that the Embargo Act had on the American economy back in 1807 was that it almost destroyed the American economy. This is because the Act restricted ships to leave US ports and to export anything, leading to the rise of unemployment and low economic activity due to less trading.

the answer is A) It almost destroyed the American economy.

What happens every 20 years to florida's constitution


It goes back up for review and some changes are made
Every 20 Years, Florida's Constitution Goes Under The Microscope Of An Appointed Constitution Revision Commission That Can Place Amendments Directly On The Ballot. Hope This Helps You.