Your shopping cart has a mass of 65 kilograms. In order to accelerate the shopping cart down an aisle at 0.30 m/s2 What force would you need to use or apply to the cart. I don't know how to solve this


Answer 1
Answer: Justin ! Justin ! ! You're in high school Physics. You've done Newton's Laws until you saw them in your sleep. When the wind rustles through the trees, you almost hear it whispering to you "F = M A". Now is the time to use that ! M=65kg. A=0.3m/s^2. F = (65)(0.3)=19.5 newtons.

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DESPERATE WILL GIVE BRAINLIST AND THANKSThe Cenozoic Era was the “age of the dinosaurs.”
Question 2 options:


Answer: False

Explanation: The Mesozoic Era was the “age of the dinosaurs.” The era ended with “The Great Extinction” which marked the end of the dinosaurs as the Cenozoic era began.

Distance measurements based on the speed of light; used for objects in space


Answer : Yes, distance measurements based on the speed of light used for objects in space.

Explanation :  A light year is measurement  of distance  that light travel in a one year.

In a one year light travels 9460000000000 kilometer.

We know that, speed of light is 3*10^(8)\ m/s

and  time is 31536000 seconds in 1 year

so, distance= speed of light X time

Now, the light year is 9.4608*10^(15) meter

Example : The nearest star to earth is about 4.3 light year away.

A cart has a momentum of 42 kg m/s to the right. Its mass is 6 kg. → What is its velocity?
show your work



v = 7 m/s


p = m × v

42 = 6 × v

6v = 42

v = 42/6

v = 7 m/s

What is the only force acting on an object orbiting Earth?A. air resistance
B. friction
C. inertia
D. gravity


The correct answer to the question is D). Gravity.


Before coming into any conclusion, first we have to understand centripetal force.

Centripetal force is the force which is required to keep a body moving in a circular path. This force always acts along the radius and towards the centre.

As per the question, the object is moving around the earth. As it is moving in a orbit, it needs a centripetal force which will help the object stick to the orbit.

The centripetal force required is provided to the object by the gravitational force of earth .

Air resistance and friction play no role in imparting centripetal force to the object.

Hence, the correct option of this question is gravity, which is the only force that acts on an object orbiting earth.

  im pretty sure its gravity

A girl who is watching a plane fly tells her friend that the plane isn’t moving at all. Describe a frame of reference in which the girl’s description would be true


In the frame of reference of the passengers, flight attendants,
pilot ... anybody ON the plane ... the plane isn't moving at all.

As the speed of a fluid increases, ____.a. the pressure decreases
c. the force decreases
b. the pressure increases
d. the volume decreases


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "a. the pressure decreases." As the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure decreases." The relationship of the speed and the pressure is inversely proportional. As the pressure increases, the speed decreases.

I think the answer is A.