What is greater 8/9 or 11/12


Answer 1
Answer: 11/12 because 11 divided by 12 is 0.9166667 and 8 divided by 9 is 0.8889

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Use formula p=2l+2w find the perimeter of a rectangle with a length 8.3 ft and width of 15.8 ft
The area of a square is 225 square centimeters. Find the length of a side. Find the length of the diagonal.
Rose's recipe for snack mix is shown. The recipe serves 12 people but Rose wants to make enough for 30 people?
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Which association best describes the data in the table? Variable X: 12 18 16 8 9 5 10 14 11
Variable Y: 63 100 88 30 36 17 47 72 52

A. Negative linear association

B. Negative non linear association

C. Positive linear association

D. Positive non linear association

I think it could be B..not sure though. Please help!


Taking the slope about different points, we have
m_(1) = ( y_(2)- y_(1) )/(x_(2)- x_(1)) = (100-63)/(18-12) = (37)/(6) =6 (1)/(6) \n m_(2) = ( y_(2)- y_(1) )/(x_(2)- x_(1)) = (30-88)/(8-16) = (-58)/(-8) =7 (1)/(4)
The slopes are positive but are not equal, which means that that the association is positive non linear association.

Aiden wants to find the mass of a bowling ball. which unit should he use?


he should use pounds!
because we know that bowling balls are not light enough to use ounces or grams. And they are not heavy enough to use tons. Usually when you go to bowling alleys they have different bowling balls because they all weigh different pounds :D
i hope this makes sense lol 
have a good one

merry christmas



Step-by-step explanation:

What is 399499 to the nearest thousand


399499 nearest thousand is:


39 - 9499 (9499 = THOUSAND)

erika wants to give 5 stickers to everyone in her class her class sits in 4 rows of 7 and erika says shell need 140 stickers


This is correct because There are 4 rows of 7 meaning there in 28 students(7 times 4). If you take 140 divided by 5 (this meaning that you're seeing if 140 stickers will be enough for the class) you get 28. So 28 students will each get 5 stickers.  
4x7=28 students
28x5=140 stickers

Find the value of x. Write your answer in simplest form.


The value of x is 7 cm, as it's a 45-45-90 triangle, also known as an isosceles right triangle, where sides opposite the 45° angles are equal in length.

In this case, we're dealing with a 45° angle, which is part of a 45-45-90 special triangle, often referred to as an isosceles right triangle.

We know that in a 45-45-90 triangle, the sides are in the ratio of 1:1:√2.

Knowing this, we can easily find the length of the unknown side (BC), which we dubbed as 'x'.

In a triangle with a 45° angle and hypotenuse of 7 cm (side AC), the length of the other side (BC) would be the same as the side adjacent to the 45° angle because it is an isosceles triangle.

Therefore, 'x' in this instance is also 7 cm.

Learn more about triangle here:



The answer is 7 √2

A shortcut for a 45 45 90 right triangle is that the hypotenuse is √2 * short leg.

So you do 7 * √2

Which would equal to 7 √2 or 9.89949493661167

Carl has 200 songs on his MP3 player o these songs 24 are country songs. What percent of Carl's songs are country songs? please explain how you would do this problem!


Answer: 12%

Step-by-step explanation:

Total songs on Carl's MP3 player= 200

Number of country songs on Carl's MP3 player =24

To find the the percent of Carl's songs are country songs, divide the total number of songs by the country songs and multiply the fraction with 100.

The percent of country songs=(24)/(200)*100=12\%

Hence, there are 12% of songs on Carl's MP3 player are country songs.

24 divided by 200 is 0.12 and you move the decimal over to the right two spaces and it would 12%. So 12% of the music is country songs