a Pontiac trans-am, initially at rest accelerates at a constant rate of 4.0 m/s squared for six seconds how fast will the car be traveling a T equals six seconds


Answer 1
Answer: use formula: a= Vf-Vi/t
rearrange: Vf=at
solve: Vf= 4.0m/s squared x 6s
          Vf = 24 m/s --> sigdigs
          Vf = 2.4 x 10^1 m/s

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8. A 740 kg car traveling 19 m/s comes to a complete stop in 2.0 s. What is the force exerted on the car during this stop?



Force exerted on the car is 7030 N.


It is given that,

Mass of the car, m = 740 kg

Initial speed of the car, u = 19 m/s

Final speed of the car, v = 0

Time taken, t = 2 s

Let F is the force exerted on the car during this stop. We know that it is equal to the product of force and acceleration. Mathematically, it is given as :

F=m* (v-u)/(t)

F=740* (0-19)/(2)

F = -7030 N

So, the force exerted on the car during this stop is 7030 N. Hence, this is the required solution.

force = mass * acceleration 

acceleration = change_in_velocity / time


force = 740 kg * (19 m/s - 0 m/s) / 2.0 s
= 740 * 19 / 2 kg m per second^{2}
= 7030 kg m per second^{2}
= 7030 newtons of force

Surgeons, engineers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and furniture movers all rely on trained experience with visual thinking. Describe how one of these tradespeople or someone in another occupation uses visual thinking in his or her work.



by drawing in their minds pictures of the events.


A surgeon for example can imagine the size, length, width that need to use or cut in a body if he/she can figure out tridimentional models, in this way if is going to connect a heart pump can imagine how is going to be.

An engineer, can imagine how is going to be a new building. He can visualize where to put some electric plug depending the needs and the capacity of the building.

In this way all the projects that they have in their minds can put together the different parts by a drawing in their heads.


by drwaing in their minds pictures of the events


A jeep-like vehicle has a canvas top that seals around all sides. When the jeep is at rest, the canvas roof is flat and level. If all the windows of the jeep are rolled up, and the jeep is traveling along the road at high speed, how does the canvas roof react?


When Jeep is in motion the Canvas top is initially flat

so when Jeep is in motion the air at the top of the Jeep is in high speed

while the air inside the jeep is not moving that fast

so as per Bernuolli's Theorem we know

P + (1)/(2)\rho v^2 = constant

so if we increase the speed the pressure will decrease

so the canvas will experience less pressure at the top of canvas while at the bottom it will have more pressure from inside

so the Canvas will bulge outside or curved outside


it flops, duh


I own a jeep

What collides and creates a movement of heat called conduction?A. photons

B. compounds

C. Molecules

D. atoms


Molecules collide and create a movement of heat called conduction.

What is conduction?

Conduction is defined as a process  as a means of which heat is transferred from the hotter end of the body to it's cooler end.Heat flows spontaneously from a body which is hot to  a body which is cold.

In the process of conduction,heat flow is within the body and through itself.In solids the conduction of heat is due to the vibrations and collisions of molecules  while in liquids and gases it is due to the random motion of the molecules ,

When conduction takes place, heat is usually transferred from one molecule to another as they are in direct contact with each other.There are 2 types of conduction:1) steady state  conduction 2) transient conduction.According to the type of energy conduction is of three types:

1) heat conduction

2) electrical conduction

3)sound conduction

Learn more about conduction,here:






What happens to a chemical reaction when the temperature is increased ?


The rate of reaction speeds up because the particles are moving faster. Therefore there are more collisions and as each particle has more energy, there are more successful collisions
It starts or speeds up.
Some substances need certain amount of energy in order to react with each other.

Which process causes the temperature to decrease as one goes higher in the mesosphere?a fewer particles to convert the red-green light spectrum into heat
b fewer particles to convert IR light into heat
c fewer particles to convert ozone into heat
d fewer particles to covert UV light into heat


The correct answer is letter D. There are fewer particles present in the mesosphere which can convert UV light into heat. This causes the temperature to decrease and the overall atmosphere to decrease with its oxygen content causing a person the inability to breathe at high altitudes.