A particular frozen yogurt has 75 cal in 2 ounces how many calories are in 8 ounces of the yogurt


Answer 1

Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt is 300 calories.

Given that;

Total number of calories in 2 ounce yogurt = 75 calories


Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt


Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt = 75[8/2]

Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt = 75[4]

Total number of calories in 8 ounce yogurt  = 300 calories

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Answer 2
Answer: Just divide 8 by 2 and you'll get 4
Each container is 2 ounces so do 75 times 4 and you'll get 300 calories

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Since the carts stick together and come to rest after the collision, the initial speed of the 3.0-kg cart is 12 m/s.

Given the following data:

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Adriana= $960

Tania= $1080

Step-by-step explanation:

Please see the attached pictures for the full solution.

• Do note that you could also use 'x' or other variables to represent the amount of money either Adriana or Tania brought for shopping. A unit was used in this case since I used model method to represent the given situation.

Alicia cashed her paycheck and used half her earnings to take three friends to dinner. She spent $42.15 on dinner and she brought home more than $20.00. Write an inequality to represent the situation, using x to represent the amount of Alicia's paycheck


If you would like to write an inequality to represent the situation, you can do this using the following steps:

x ... the amount of Alicia's paycheck

x/2 - $42.15 >= $20
x/2 >= $20 + $42.15
x/2 >= $62.15     /*2
x >= $62.15 * 2
x >= $124.3

The correct result would be x >= $124.3.

Base 5
+ 3323




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The addition is shown in the attachment. The sum is 21040₅.


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this is the easiest way to learn how to turn numbers like these in fractions is if you put a10 or 100 behind them