In Western Europe, what city would you find at 53 degrees north and 0 degrees west


Answer 1
Answer: There's no city there.  That point is in a cultivated field in a large farming region of eastern England.  It's just east of the A52 highway (Sibsey Road), south of Boston Long Hedges, and west of Willoughby Hills Road.  The nearest towns ... all within about 4 miles ... are Frithville, Fishtoft Drove, Anton's Gowt, Frith Bank,  (I am not making this up), Frampton Fen, and Wyberton Fen.

If you were shooting for London, you missed it by about 100 miles.

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The three Gorges Dam spans the Yangtze river in China. true or false
A river's ________ is the flat, wide area of land along side of it.
What happens when a rock falls?F. It breaksG. It deforms elasticallyH. It deforms plasticallyI. It foldsI honestly do not understand this at all! Please help!
What are the dangers of invasive species quick pls k121 they crowd native animals from the natural habitat2 they kill native species3 they can multiply quickly and become a nuisance people 4 most in invasive species introduce to plant animals and humansmultiple choose
What process is responsible for creating magnetic changes along mid-ocean ridges? A. Ridge push B. Slab pull C. Seafloor spreading D. Reversal of Earth's magnetic field

Why is the population of South Asia a concern for the region?


Because thy are starting to have less goods and cash crops which puts the region in danger.
There are so many people that already live in South Asia, and if they have more people coming to live in South Asia they won't have any room to put them so there will be a lot of people living on the street and out of a job.

How does the physical environment impact countries in a region?


Physical environment impacts countries in a region it effects  location and climates have large effects on income levels and income growth through their effects on transport costs, disease burdens, and agricultural productivity,

How Do Humans Affect the Desert Biome


They affect it by off roading with trucks and more and that messes up the desert floor for animals to camoflauge like snakes.
humans are willing to  help protect the endangered anmails in the desert

Which of the following describes how a substance farmer uses land



They use the land to harvest and grow crops for their family


Giant pandas consume bamboo as their major food source and are generally sensitive to environmental changes. If the habitat and main food source of the giant pandas were destroyed, which of the following would most likely happen?A.They would quickly adapt to living underwater.

B.They would not be affected and would thrive.

C.They would quickly adapt to become carnivores.

B.They would become extinct.


Since they are touchy to their environments, they would most likely become extinct. They would become extinct by the time they started to evolve.

B.They would become extinct.

If their main food source is wiped out they probably wouldn't survive.

What caused south a erica and africa to change positions?What is a piece of evidence thats supports the theory that south america n africa were once connected Up.?


The continental drift theory.
The fact that the west of Africa and the east of S.America fit into each other like a jigsaw is proof that they were once adjoined.