A barista averages making 16 coffees per hour. At this rate, how many hours will it take until she's made 1,200 coffees?


Answer 1
Answer: 16 times x=1200 or 
divide both sides by 16
so we  simplify 1200/16 by factoring out the ones (4/8=1/2 times 4/4 since 4/4=1)
so we notice that there are four 2's in both so those are the 'ones' so cross them off and get
3*5*5/1 or 75/1 or 75 hours 
Answer 2
Answer: 75 hours
1200 coffees/16 coffees= 75 hours

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Change these fractions into percentages 7/10, 2/5, 1/3, 17/20
What is the explicit formula
Please solve for a Earn 40 points. A=16 but I don't how to get that 4(a-1) -5 =3a + 7
I can't figure this outthis question was on my exam and I got it completely wrong (I have a graphing calculator capble of matrices so yo don't have to solve the system of equations by hand, use rref (reduced row echelon form))values of a, b, and c and the equation of the graph of the parabola y=ax^2+bx+csuch that is passes through the points (2,-15) (-5,-29) (-3,5) rewrite it in the form (x-h)^2=4P(y-k) show all workif I were to sub the points in I would ge(2,-15): -15=4a+2b+c (-5,-29): -29=25a-5b+c (-3,5): 5=9a-3b+cthen solve for a, b and c I don't know how to solve, please help(if I don't undestand your answer, I will either report or ask you to explain more)
Dx+hy=j,forx   x=    thanx for any and all help

These are the answer and the page it will help you solving it.1.Look at the first model.how can you find the volume of each rectangular prism?

2.how can you find the volume of the entire garden bed.?

3.what is the volume of the entire garden bed? Show your work

4. Now look at the second model.Show how tori d the volume of the garden bed if you break it apart this way.

6. Do you need to break apart a solid figure in a certain way to find its volume use the problem from the previous page to explain your reasoning.

(if you guys solve that I will put you brainlist and u will be my best number 1 math solving)


12x10x2-6x4x2=192ft cubed (total volume)
Model one red: 6x2x12= 144ft cubed
blue:6x4x2= 48ft cubed
Model 2 red: 6x2x10= 120ft cubed 
blue: 6x6x2=72ft cubed

You don't need to break it apart. As you can see in my first part, I multiplied the width by the length of the entire bed then afterwards I subtracted the part of the bed that's "missing" (the hole).

Hope this helped
so first you say base x height so your base and height for bethany is
2ft,4ft,6ft  then you will multiply all your heights with your bases 2ft x 6ft=12ft squared 2
4ft x 6ft=24ft squared 2
6ft x 6ft=36ft squared 2 
why you square is because you no what im going to show you all i know about this subject and hope it can help your formula
base 1=length of base 1 
base 2=length of base 2 
height=perpendicular distance
between base 1 and base 2 
formula example 1
A=(2+4)2fraction of 2 underneath 
A=6 x 2 fraction of 6 underneath 
which equals A=6cm squared 2 in a rectangular prism there is always 2 opposite sides that have the same area, 
to find the surface area, the sides, multiply by LxW and multiply by 2.
since there are 3 sets of sides we have to make 3 calculations and add the together. 
LxW is one set
LxH is another set
WxH is the third set
set 1=(2)x(8)x(5)set 1 surface area is 80cm squared
set 2=(2)x(8)x(3)
set 2 surface area is 48cm squared
set 3=(2)x(5)x(3)
set 3 surface area is 30cm squared 
to find the total surface area, add the numbers together. 
the total surface area of the cube is 158cm squared
and your volume of a rectangular prism is (whi) which means
the entire volume of a garden bed is 72ft squared 2 that is in the cse of the garden bed we are solving i got that answer by multiplying (whi) then add my calculation of my answers with my multiplication answers and said ok well
12+24+36= 72ft squared 2 

so know we can move on to tori
i was going to help you with tori but it only shows stuff about bethany and the garden bed i guess to question 6. that you asked i would say now 1 because u didnt show what it was for the calculations and 2 u cant solve somthing thats not there :) i hope i could help :)

Solve for x: 2x + 4 ≤ 12


Hi there, please give me the brandies the answer if I helped. The photo is attached below.

Find the measure of angle ABC


In every triangle, the sum of the interior angles is 180°. The sum of the angles of this triangle is

32+(2x-15)+(x-5) = 2x+x+32-15-5 = 3x+12

and we want this sum to be 180, so we can write the following equation:

3x+12 = 180

subtract 12 from both sides:

3x = 168

divide both sides by 3:

x = \cfrac{168}{3} = 56

Now we can plug this value for x in the expressions for the two unknown angle to get their value:

B = x-5 = 56-5 = 51,\quad C = 2x-15 = 2\cdot 56-15 = 112-15 = 97

you will get x as 56 and angle ABC as 51°

For $7.52, you purchased 8 pens and highlighters from a local bookstore. Each highlighter costs $1.09 and each pen costs $.69. How many pens did you buy.


p=number of pens
h=number of highlighters



minus h from both sides

sub that for p

minus 5.52 from both sides
divide both sides by 0.4

sub back

minus 8 frm both sides
mltiply both sides by -1

3 pens you bought

Let p be the number of pens purchased and h be the number of highlighters purchased.
p + h = 8 ..........(1)
h = 8 - p ...........(2)
0.69p + 1.09h = 7.52 ........(3)
Plugging the value for h from (2) into equation (3) we get:
0.69p + 1.09(8 - p) = 7.52 .....(4)
Expanding the bracket in (4) gives:
0.69p + 8.72 - 1.09p = 7.52
-0.4p = -1.2
p = -1.2/-0.4 = 3
The answer is 3 pens.

3x+103+9x+61 help me solve quick



12x + 164

Step-by-step explanation:

3x + 103 + 9x + 61

rewrite it

3x + 9x + 103 + 61

add 3x and 9x

12x + 103 + 61

add 103 and 61

12x + 164

What would you have to do to change 10 cubic feet into cubic inches? A. Multiply by 46,656 B. Divide by 1,728 C. Multiply by 1,728 D. Divide by 46,656


1 foot = 12 inches

(1 foot)³ = (12 inches)³

12³ = 1,728 in³

To change 10 cubic feet into cubic inches

10 ft³ * 1728 in³/ft³ = 17,280 in³  Choice C. Multiply by 1,728
C. Multiply by 1,728 is the answer