a baseball team has won 15 games and lost 12 games. Based on the results, which is the best prediction for the number of wins the team will have if they play162 games


Answer 1
Answer: 90
15 is 5/9 of 27... 90 is 5/9 of 162
Answer 2
Answer: games lost : games played --> games lost/games played

12/15 =?/162
 cross multiply and divide. --> 12 x 162/15 =129.6 
that means, they will lose about 130 games out of 162. therefore they will win about 32 games. 

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What is (2 + 0.4 + 0.6)= ?




First we have to arrange the numbers in sequence...

2.0 \: + \: 0.4 \: + 0.6 \n 3.0 \: or \: 3

Here I have taken this 0 after the point ..as the rest of the digit are in tenths place or after the point...

The answer is 3.

We will not calculate the 0 as it does not have any value.

Ans) 3

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Mrs. mac spent $31.96 on four pizzas. what is the unit rate of cost per pizza?


The unit rate is $7.99 for one pizza. This is proven by $31.96 divided by 4 being 7.99

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We can't see what you are talking about. send another one.

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I answered this question before. It lacked some data needed to solve this problem.

Operating Expenses 
Cost Insurance $972 
Registration $114 
Maintenance $105

1837 - 972 - 114 - 105 = 646 cost of gasoline

646 / 7600 = 0.085 or 8.5 centavos



Step-by-step explanation:

What is the value of the fourth term in a geomtric sequence for which a1=15



If you know the ration (i don't)

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Fromthe figure,

cos \: 55 =  (</strong><strong>PQ</strong><strong>)/(</strong><strong>PR</strong><strong>)

cos \: 55 =  (</strong><strong>PQ</strong><strong>)/(20)

</strong><strong>PQ</strong><strong> = 20 \: cos \: 55

</strong><strong>PQ</strong><strong>= 11.472

</strong><strong>PQ</strong><strong>= 11 .47

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Step-by-step explanation:

Use SohCahToa. In this problem, you are given the hypotenuse and you are trying to solve for the adjacent side so it will be cosine. (cosine = (adjacent)/(hypotenuse))

1. set up the equation

cos55 = (x)/(20)

2. Multiply both sides by 20 to solve for x

20 · cos55 = 11.47