____ energy gets converted to ____ energy through photosynthesis.A.Radiant; chemical
B.Chemical; radiant
C.Radiant; mechanical
D.Chemical; mechanical


Answer 1
Answer: A, Radiant energy through photosynthesis turns into energy.
Answer 2
Answer: A:because the suns light is radiant and then it turns to chemical energy to make gluecose a simple sugar that's the plants food
the chemical formula for gluecose is

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hey there

you should avoid having any doors or Windows open

also give them a little space so they don't fly in the whole house like a small room

thank you


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What is the acceleration of an object if it goes from a velocity of +25 m/s to rest in 5.0 s?A. –5 m/s^2

B. +5 m/s^2

C. –25 m/s^2

D. +25 m/s^2


In this question, there are several information's that can be used to determine the right answer.Let us first check all the information's that have been provided in the question.
Initial velocity = 25 m/s
Final velocity = 0 m/s
Initial time = 0 second
Final time = 5 second
Now we can write an equation to determine the acceleration.
Acceleration of the object = (Final velocity - Initial velocity)/ (Final time - Initial time)
                                         = (0 - 25)/ (5 - 0)
                                         = - 25/5
                                         = -5 m/s^2
So we find the acceleration of the object as -5m/s^2. the correct option among the given options in the question is option "A".

the correct answer is -5 m/s^2

hope this helps:)