Which was a key to writing and ratifying the U.S. Constitution? Please Help I really think its B
willingness to compromise on all sides

refusal to compromise on any side

compromise by one group of delegates

the impossibility of compromise


Answer 1

 the Constitution was a document that was written with a variety of factors, perspectives, and desires at work. Because of this it was vital that the parties involved could compromise on issues such as state representation, the powers of Congress, the Executive, and the Legislature as well as other issues of the time such as slavery and the determination of counting slaves a part of a population. Therefore, the best answer to this question is most likely A.         

Answer 2


its A


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Because of it's rich soil, people have migrated to South Asia's ____.A. Himalayas
B. mountain gorges
C. food plains
D. plateau regions


A. this mountain provides protection from invaders.

How did geography affect the way people lived in mesopotamia


the people in Mesopotamia depended on the floods of rivers when it rained in order to get the nutrients from the water. also they depended on the rivers to protect them from invaders

Which scenario would be supported by members of the Socialist Party?A - Social classes do not exist in society.
B - The middle class is the largest class in the country.
C - Every citizen pays the same income tax percentage.
D - Highly educated people earn more money.



A - Social classes do not exist in society.


Generally, there is the issue of social classes is the main focus of the Socialist Party. The main aim is to prevent oppression or racism among people. The party is formed to ensure that people are not being abused in any way. The party wants to ensure that everyone is equal and there should not be any form of segregation.

the answer is A.Social classes do not exist in society.

A monarchy can be like a dictatorship or it can be Part of a Democracy


Yes, this is true.

If it's like a dictatorship, it's referred to  as "absolute monarchy". Example today: Swaziland

If it's a part of democracy, it's a constitutional or parliamentary monarchy. Example: UK

Is deforestation on the Amazon rain forest necessary?


No it is not nessesary at all. The pollution we create burning fossil fuels is already bad, why make the environment worse
No because there are other places to make structures and we will destroy many animals' homes 

Are gender stereotypes used too much in the 21st century?


This is a question that requires an opinion, rather than an absolute answer, so you should answer for yourself;)

But I would say yes, and this is especially visible in the media . A very effective comparison is the new Jurassic World movie: Jurassic Park, a movie from 20th century has less stereotypes about women than the 21 century sequel of it (women are weak, women need men, women who have a career are deluding themselves and they instead only want children, etc).