Two angles in a triangle are equal and their sum is equal to the third angle in the triangle. What are the measures of each of the three interior angles?


Answer 1
Answer: A triangle is 180 if two angles equal to eachother and the other angle is these two combines the angels will be 45 45 90

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What is a linear function?
Solve the matrix equation for a, b, c, and d. [1 2] [a b] [6 5][3 4] [c d]= [19 8]
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What is the opposite of β€”3.2


The opposite of -3.2, applying the knowledge of the number line system would be: 3.2.

What is the Opposite of a Number?

On a number line, the opposite of a number is simply the value of that number that will cover the same distance to and from point zero.

For instance, the opposite of 4 is -4. Opposite of -5 is 5.

Thus, the opposite of -3.2 would be 3.2.

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the answer i believe is


A comet travels at an average speed of 233,000 km/h. It takes 7 days for the comet to reach Earth.
Find the distance, in km, the comet travelled.



39,144,000 km

Step-by-step explanation:

Hi there!

Distance traveled = time * speed

Given speed: 233000 km/h

Given time: 7 days

It's important to note that our speed is given in per hours and out time is given in days. So in order to find how far the comet has traveled we must convert days to hours.

There are 24 hours in 1 day.

So to convert days to hours simply multiply amount of days by 24

24 * 7 = 168

So the comet has traveled for 168 hours

Now we can find distance traveled

Once again distance traveled = time * speed

Given speed is 233000 km/h

Given time is 168 hours

Distance = 168 * 233000 = 39,144,000

So the comet has traveled for a total distance of 39,144,000 km

Jacqueline buys 2 fourths yard of green ribbon and 1 fourths yard of pink ribbon. How many yards of ribbon does she buy?




Step-by-step explanation:

Find the perimeter of the following polygon. Be sure to include the correct unit in your answer.15 m
15 m
17 m
9 m
12 m



489 km is the perimeter

Step-by-step explanation:


Drag each equation to show if it could be a correct first step to solving the equation 2(x+7) =36



(2.x) + (2.7) = 36

Step-by-step explanation:

Solving the given equation with the distributive property,

 A(B + C) = (A.B) + (A.C)

So that,

2(x+7) = 36

(2.x) + (2.7) = 36

2x + 14 = 36

2x = 36 - 14

2x = 22

x = 11

From the given expressions, the option that is the correct first step to solving this equation is;

(2.x) + (2.7) = 36


Here you go

Step-by-step explanation:

Is 1.3 greater than negative 5


1.3 would be considered greater than negative 5. Although 1.3 is a decimal it is still a positive number and positives are worth more than negatives regardless

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