This is 5th grade work if you needed to know
This is 5th grade work if you needed to know - 1


Answer 1
Answer: To find volume multiply base times width times height. 
The dimensions of the fridge is 36 x 35 x 70. 
Multiply 36 x 35 to get 1260. 
Multiply 1260 x 70 to get 88200. 
The volume of the fridge is: 88,200 cubic inches. 
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Answer 2


88,200 cubeic in.

88,200 = volume

Step-by-step explanation:

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Study the following statement:“Two intersecting lines cannot beperpendicular to the same line”. Check whether it is an equivalent version to the Euclid’s fifth postulate.

(a) What is the equation of the line, written in slope-intercept form? Show how you determined the equation.


First we need to find the slope.  We can find the slope by (rise)/(run).  The slope is (-5)/(4).  You can also find the slope by calculating the change in the y values over the change in the x values.  If the line looks like /, it has a positive slope, if it looks like \, it has a negative slope.  

The slope intercept form is y=mx+b

Where m is slope and b is the y-intercept.

To find the y-intercept is (0,16.25) because we take the last y value we know, 15, and add \frac{5/4} (|m|).  So now we just put it all into the equation.  


Linear functions can be written in y=mx and y=mx+b. In which form is the linear function in the example problem? What are the values of m and b and what do they represent?



M is 1 it is the slope. B is 2 it is where the slope crosses the y axis.

Step-by-step explanation:

y = mx + b

"m" is the slope, "b" is the y-intercept (the y value when x = 0) or (0,y)

y = mx

"m" is the slope (the y-intercept is 0/it crosses the origin (0,0))

When x = 0, y is 2, so the y-intercept is 2.

You can find the slope by using the slope formula and plugging in two points, or you use this:


Rise is the number of units you go up(+) or down(-)

Run is the number of units you go to the right.

If you look at the graph, from each point, you go up 1 unit, and to the right 1 unit. So the slope is 1/1 or 1.

y = mx + b

m = 1  and it represents the slope of the line

b = 2 and it represents the y-intercept of the line

y = 1x + 2   or    y = x + 2

What is the square of 6​



the answer is 36

Step-by-step explanation:

Just trust me

What is the equation in point-slope form of the line that passes through the points (7, 5) and (−4, −1)? y + 1 = 6/7 (x+4)
y + 4 = 11/6 (x+1)
y − 1 = 6/11 (x−4)
y + 1 = 6/11 (x+4)


The point-slope form:


m - slope

(x₁, y₁) - point

The formula of a slope:


We have the points (7, 5) and (-4, -1). Substitute:



Do the ratios 20:8 and 7:3 form a proportion?



No, the ratios 20:8 and 7:3 do not form a proportion.

Step-by-step explanation:

If it is 20:8 to 7:2.8 then it would form a proportion.

Hope this helps.

No this does not form a proportion

With a principal investment of $19,200, which account will have the greatest value after 5 years? simple interest: I = P • r • t interest compounded annually is A = P (1 + r)t interest compounded quarterly: A = P (1 + )4t A. 3.6% with interest compounded annually B. 3.8% in a simple interest account C. 3.4% with interest compounded annually D. 3.2% with interest compounded quarterly


It would be a 

he could only get 3.6%/per yr because 19200-3.6%=18508.8