Which of the following resulted from the palmer raids of 1919 and 2020


Answer 1
Answer: the formation of the American Civil Liberties Union

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The Woman's Auxiliary of the Council of Defense of New Mexico was established to _____________a.collect surplus food, and to can or dry it.b.make bullets for the troops to use.c.collect food stamps for the Sisters of Charity.d.work in the factories in place of the men.
What was the name used for scientists before 1840?
Which of the following cannot be considered a cause of the Enlightenment? (5 points) advancement of humanism during the Renaissance strengthening of absolute monarchies during the Glorious Revolution challenges to the authority of the Church during the Reformation focus on observation and experimentation during the Scientific Revolution
Why was frank palko convicted and sentenced twice in connecticut, even though the constitution promises protection from double jeopardy?
Which statement best describes the relationship between the Industrial Revolution and urbanization in Great Britain?A. The Industrial Revolution ended the process of urbanization. B. The Industrial Revolution began the process of urbanization. C. The Industrial Revolution sped up the process of urbanization. D. The Industrial Revolution slowed down the process of urbanization.

What moniters the stock market and enforces laws on sales of stocks and bonds?


It would be the "Securities and Exchange Commission" that monitors the stock market and enforces laws on sales of stocks and bonds, since this is needed in order to ensure the functioning of the economy as a whole. 

In what year was the united nations established? a. 1939
c. 1945
b. 1944
d. 1946 user: when was the "universal declaration of human rights" written?
a. 1946-1948
c. 1947-1951
b. 1939-1945
d. 1944-1946


the first one is 1945 in new york
the second is A


the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" was written in (a.) 1946-1948


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How are federal judges selected? A) the person is named to the bench by the president and confirmed by the senate
B) the person is named to the bench by the president and does not need to be confirmed
C) the person is publicly elected to the bench and confirmed by the senate
D) the person is nominated by the president and chosen by the president


a i really hope it helps

Turkic slave soldiers in Egypt were called _____.


They were called Mamluks

Optimism characterized the first half of the Victorian age true or false


It is an absolutely true fact that optimism characterized the first half of the Victorian Age. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the first option. The other two things that characterized this age were high moral purpose and high energy. I hope the answer comes to your help.

How did many women assist the U.S. war effort in World War II?by fighting alongside men overseas

by producing inspirational radio programs that were broadcast to GIs

by working in civilian jobs that had typically been held by men

by running for political offices that men were unavailable to fill


Women were not fighting in the First World War - so the first option is false. They also didn't have voting rights till 1920- so we reject the last answer as well.

The correct answer is that they were  working in civilian jobs that had typically been held by men -this is what contributed to them being able to fight for political rights later.