How do you do this problem?
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Answer 1
Answer: The pythagorean theorem states that a² + b² = c². 
We have a = 10 and c = 20. 
100 + b² = 400 
Subtract 100 from each side. 
b² = 300 
Get the square root of 300. 
It could be expressed as b ≈ 17.321, or could stay in radical form as√(300)
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The raduis of a circle is 12 cm. What is the area?



Step-by-step explanation:

Area of circle = πr²

= 3.14 * 12 * 12

= 452.16 sq. cm

Are = radius squared times pie so 12*12 = 144 so 144 times pi 3.14*144 = 452.16 is your answer

Which is greater 0.22 or 0.022


.22 because 2 is greater than zero

The answer is 0.22, because you always look at the tenths place when you're trying to find the greater number in decimal. If the number in tenths place is greater then that's your answer.

The amounts of paper waste generated in a region during two years were 41,300,000 tons and 50,500,000 tons. What was the total paper waste generated over these two years in the region, expressed in scientific notation?


So first you need to add the two years together to get 91,800,000 from there you can start to turn it into scientific notations. First start out by putting an imaginary decimal point at the end so you have 91,800,000. From there you need to move the decimal next to the 9 so 7 spots to the left. This means that when you are converting back from SN you would go 7 spots to the right. Therefore when you write this in SN you will have 10 to the power of positive 7.Now that you have the number and the exponent you just put them together and you have 9.18 x 10^7 . I hope this helped and if you have any questions about how I got this answer feel free to message me.
Just add 41,300,000 to 50,500,000. That is 91,300,000.00 tons. Scientific Notation just moves the decimal point to the beginning. So it would be 9.13*10^7

Help how would you find out the answer to the following question- Janice has three coins in her pocket and they are all different from each other. Jeremy has three coins in his pocket and they are all the same as each other. Jeremy has twice as much money as janice. What are the coins they each have?


Rebecca has a 50 pence coin, a 20 pence coin, and a 5 pence coin.
Jeremy has three 50 pence coins.

Final answer:

To answer the problem, the coins of Janice must be a penny, dime, and a nickel which total up to $0.16, while Jeremy's coins are three dimes and two pennies totaling $0.32


The problem can be approached by considering the different coins you have available and their values. In the U.S, these are penny ($0.01), nickel ($0.05), dime ($0.10), quarter ($0.25), half dollar ($0.50), and dollar ($1.00). Because Jeremy's coins are all the same and twice Jane's total, this limits us to lower value coins.

Let's start with Jane. She can't have a quarter because Jeremy doesn’t have $0.50 coins. If she had a dime, Jeremy would need two dimes but we know all his coins are the same so this isn't possible. This means Jane must have a penny ($0.01), a nickel ($0.05) and a dime ($0.10) for a total of $0.16. Therefore, Jeremy, whose total is twice Jane's, must have $0.32 which can be achieved by having three dimes ($0.10 x 3 = $0.30) and two pennies ($0.01 x 2 = $0.02).

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Which ratio is equivalent to 5:9?Responses

20:36 ratio of 20 to 36

25:81 ratio of 25 to 81

10:14 ratio of 10 to 14





Step-by-step explanation:


multiply both parts of the ratio by 4

5 x 4 = 20

9 x 4 = 36

So 20:36 is equivalent to 5:9

Bao saved $179 a month. He saved $145 less than Ada each month. How much would Ada save in three and a half years?


If i am correct, the answer should be 13608.
To find out how much Ada saved a month, we would need to add 179 and 145, that equals 324. Then we would need to multiply that by 12 because there are 12 months in a year. We would get 3888. Then we would need to multiply that by 3, since there are 3 years. We would get 11664. Then we would need to multiply 324 and 6 for 324 dollars a month. That gives us 1944. Then we add 1944 and 11664, we get 13608. :)

Ada would save $13,608 in three and half year  (42 months)

  • Amount saved by Bao a month = 179  
  • What Ada saved = what Bao saved + $145

Further Explanation

Step 1:

To calculate what Ada saved:

  • Let X represents = Bao  
  • Y represents = Ada


X = 179  

Y = X + $145

Therefore we have:

Y = 179 + 145

Y = 324

Therefore, Ada saved 324 each month.

Step 2:

To determine how much Ada saved in 3 years and a half, we have to first convert 3(1)/(2) years into months

  • 3 years is same as 36 months
  • Half a year is same as 6 months

Therefore, we have:

36 + 6

= 42 months

Therefore, how much Ada saved in 42 months = what Ada saved each month multiply Y= (324) by the total number of months (42)

Therefore we have:

Y = 324 x 42

Y = $13,608

So, Ada saved $13,608 in three and half years  (42 months)



  • bao
  • $179 a month
  • $145 less
  • Ada each month.
  • 42 months
  • three and a half year