Determine whether each number is rational or irrational
determine whether each number is rational or irrational - 1


Answer 1

A is rational

B is irrational

Product of a and b is irrational.

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2/3x -1=9-1/6x please help thanks


I hope this helps you






The area of the base of a prism is 60mm. The perimeter of the base is 40mm. The height of the prism is 8mm. What is the surface area of the prism?A. 168mm
B. 380mm
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B) 380mm

Surface area = Perimeter of the base x height + the area of the base
Surface area = 40 x 8 + 60
Surface area = 320 + 60
Surface area = 380 mm

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The answer deals with simple linear equations.

The measure of angle A is 4 degrees greater than the measure of angle B. The two angles are complementary. Find the measure for each angleThe measure of angle D is 5 times the measure of angle E. The two angles are supplementary. Find the measure of each angle.


Sorry but i only know the answer for the 1st question.
If the angles are complementary they measure 90°.
1st find half of 90
which is 45.
Find 4 more than 45.
which is 49°
then subtract 90-49=41
so the measurement of the 2 angles are
49 and 41
Hope it helps!!



Step-by-step explanation:

Which has a measure that is equal to the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a triangle?a straight line
a circle
a right angle
an obtuse angle


The sum of the interior angles of any triangle is 180 degrees. It does not depend on which triangle we are discussing that this fact is true for all triangles. 180 degrees is a straight line.

straight line is the answer hope that helped.

Equivalent expression for 18x and 9y