One of the great ecological disasters of the twentieth century occurred in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and involves the ______.

Answer :


The Aral Sea’s demise, exacerbated by climate change, has had devastating consequences for the people and ecosystems in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.


The Aral Sea, once one of the world’s largest inland bodies of water, has become one of the great ecological disasters of the twentieth century. Located in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the Aral Sea has nearly disappeared, shrinking to less than a quarter of its former size. This environmental catastrophe has affected millions of people living in the Aral Sea basin area and its surroundings. The decline of the Aral Sea is attributed to a combination of human engineering, agricultural projects, and climate change. Summers are hotter, winters are shorter and bitterly cold, and water scarcity has made it difficult for plants to thrive. The region, once prosperous, now faces immense challenges due to the loss of this once-vital water source

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