(Use breaker numbers as needed in your answer. Also refer to busses as listed on the diagram using both
switchboard and bus designation. Example: "Emergency swbd 120V bus" not just... '120 V bus')
1. Can one battery supply the 120 V DC bus? Yes/No Why?
2. From which bus does the midship load center SWBD receive its power from?
3. What bus normally supplies the 120 V DC bus?
4. The emergency diesel is normally off. What bus can supply the 450 V Emerg Swbd bus? (two
busses could...only one is used at time)
5. What is the voltage output of the Ships service generator?
6. Of breakers 8, 9 and 10, only one can be closed at any one time. Why might this be?
7. If breaker 14 is opened, what bus and switchboard loses power?
8. If generators 3 and 4 are inoperable, in what way could power be supplied to the aft ship service
9. What breakers need to be closed if generators 3 and 4 were to supply the FWD ship service 120
V bus?

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