Which of the following could the author of this passage have
used as a credible source?
a student research paper published online about
aquaculture in Idaho
a blog about fish farms written by someone who has
recently visited one
an interview with a fish farmer in The New York Times,
May 2014
a book about stocked lake trout written in 1955
Reading Passage
Aquaculture: Hatching a Solution to World Hunger?
by Anna Thomas
1 If you enjoy eating baked fish, shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, or boiled lobster,
you're in luck. Nutritionists say that seafood is healthier to eat than other kinds of
animal protein. It is low in fat and cholesterol, and high in the omega-3 oils that
promote both heart health and brain development. Current United States
Department of Agriculture guidelines suggest that Americans eat two to three
seafood meals a week (Food and Nutrition Service). Unfortunately, most
Americans do not consume that amount of fish.
2 However, even if Americans were willing to eat more fish, would the world's
seas be able to provide it? Many places in the world are already fished to their
limits, and many native fish populations are dwindling to record lows. In order to
meet even current global consumption rates, experts at the United Nations Food
and Agriculture Organization estimate that the world will need another forty
million tons of seafood per year by 2030 (NOAA Fisheries, ques. 4). Where will
all this fish sama form? Maanants think that sh

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